Anonymous sent: hey mac! something you need to remember i think is that (from what i've heard quite often), the degree isn't what will get you a job! it's your skill and your hard work. i think anybody can make a career from art if they just work really hard at it. and you're naturally very good so you're already half way there. don't give up!

Thanks for the encouraging words!  I’m sure you’re right.  Even if I don’t get a fun job right away, I can work anywhere while I use spare time to practice and buff up my art skills.  I get nervous though, especially when I look up anything about it online.  Everyone talks about how competitive the field is and without real art schooling I feel a bit like I’m going into a big pvp battle with the wrong weapons.  You’re right though, I won’t give up.  Just keep trucking along!  Thanks anon ;A;

Real life is scary.

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model progress!  Going for low poly here.  Needs much work still oopsies
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My friend took in a little cat who had been hit by a car but sadly kitty didn’t make it.  He was apparently very cuddly despite his injuries and I was really rooting for the little guy.  RIP Nemo.
(I uploaded this last night but realized it was 5am and no one would enjoy it so if you think you’ve seen it already you could be right)
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Does anyone have any reference sources for clothing?  I’m sure they are easy to find but before I go looking I just wanted to hear if any of you had any suggestions for me.  I don’t draw people usually and my fashion sense does not extend beyond pajamas or shorts and a hoodie so…I’m big time at a loss here.  Should I buy magazines?  HALP

I realized that Toothless and Totoro are kind of similar, especially in the mouth region.
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Yesterday someone asked my roommate where she got her guitar. I immediately responded with “guitarget”

Late night doodle.
Might sell the character later if there’s any interest?
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Yiynova MSP 19 Review After One Year of Use

Hey everyone. I got a message asking about how well my Yiynova has held up after a year of use and I figured I’d use the opportunity to write another review. I’ll do a summary up here and an in depth review after it. I’m also going to focus on how it has held up over time rather than specs, which are easy to find in other reviews.

Let me say here that I am not the most eloquent writer either so please excuse anything that sounds silly.

Read it under the cut here

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Portfolio Website!
The draft I’m turning in though.  I have to make a few tweaks before I apply to anything with this but it’s a nice little base.
I need to add a little branches or leaves in the bottom right corner too.  Keep your eye from flying off the page there.  But I will have to do that later.
OH and with this, I’m done with this quarter.  I should have PLENTY of time for the next two weeks :)
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